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  • ✅ IDEAL SIGNAGE FOR: All kinds of commercial businesses and retail offices looking to draw CUSTOMERS' ATTENTION to their business operation times and make the customers aware when they are open or closed. The signs are ideal for advertising the business hours of a restaurant, fast food facility, beauty salon, club, barbershop, spa, pharmacy, coffee shop, bakery, boutique, grocery store, tattoo or pizza parlor, and so on.
  • ✅ CUSTOMIZABLE NUMBERS: The sign kit contains a series of number and letter stickers so you can tailor and personalize the business hour cling to display your exact business hours in your storefront. The large sign has dimensions of 11.7 inches tall by 7.7 inches long and is made of plastic.
  • ✅ QUICK TO ASSEMBLE: Assembly time is about 15 minutes. Carefully peel off the stickers and start applying them to the white space in the sign, working from left to right and top to bottom one at a time. Use a ruler or something similar to ensure the numbers are aligned straight on the sign. Once all the numbers are applied using the double-sided adhesive pads to cling the sign to the window or alternatively you can hang the sign up with a chain or twine if you have one available.
  • ✅ EASE OF USE AND LOW MAINTENANCE: This sign can be stuck up on a glass window, door, or wall where it can be clearly seen by passers-by. Once applied no more maintenance is required.
  • ✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY: TEST IT AND YOU WILL LOVE IT. If for any reason you don’t we offer a replacement for free at any time, no questions asked + 30-day money-back guarantee. Lastly, enjoy the sign, we wish your business well and thank you for choosing us. :)

1. Peel

Carefully peel off the stickers and begin applying them to the white space on the sign, working your way from left to right. 

2. Apply

Apply the four included adhesive pads to the front four corners on the sign.

3. Press

Press the four corners firmly up against the glass window.

4. Alternatively

You can also use to chain or string to hang the sign up or apply the sign to the outside of a door or tinted window by applying the adhesives to the back of the sign.

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Customer Reviews

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irene czarnecki
cheap but perfect for outdoors and disposable after a while

could be sturdier but it is good for what the intent was

Good product

This is nice! I give it 4 stars. The only problem is that the am pm only had 6,7,8,and 9. Anyway if stores closed later than 9, that would be a problem considering that the times like 10:00 pm would need the pm stickers.

Permanent sticker

Product is good quality and has a good selection of number options

Brandi Harp
Easy and good value

Good product for the price.

Jan M.
Shows up good! Arrived quickly.

Looked the product.