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Baby On Board Magnet Signs with Suction Cups - 2 Pack

$10.00 CAD

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  • ⭐ IDEAL SIGNAGE FOR: All kinds of vehicles which have small babies or kids on board. The sign promotes AWARENESS and SAFETY which is in line with the US Department of Transportation guidelines for warning signs to best alert motorists around you that there is a infant on board or a baby in the car.
  • ⭐ HIGHLY VISIBLE: As Always Parents, SAFETY FIRST! Our conventional baby on board signs are bright yellow making them highly visible to all nearby drivers
  • ⭐ GUARANTEED TO STAY ON: The removable sign is both durable and robust ensuring it can withstand the test of time. The strong suction cups pplied to both the top and bottom of the sign ensure the sign will not slip off your car whilst driving.
  • ⭐ EASE OF USE AND LOW MAINTENANCE: Simply apply the suctions cups firmly ensuring there is no air pockets between it and the window surface. That's all you need to do!
  • ⭐ LIFETIME WARRANTY: TEST THEM AND YOU WILL LOVE THEM. If for any reason you don’t we offer a replacement for free at any time, no questions asked + 30 day money back guarantee. Lastly, enjoy the baby on board signs, safe driving to you and your toddlers and thank you for choosing Assured Signs. :)
  • 🎁😊THOUGHTFUL GIFT - The magnets are a wonderful gift for any parents with a new addition to the family.

  1. Clean
    Ensure the window is free of dust or residue by wiping it down.
  2. Dry
    Use a cloth to thoroughly dry the window surface.
  3. Attach
    Gently attach the suction cups to the sign, ensuring a secure connection.
  4. Press
    Apply firm pressure across the entire surface of the sign, including the suction cups, making sure each corner adheres properly.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alexandria Dodsworth
Does not stick very well.

Doesn't stick very well. I cleaned my window before hand plus cleaned the suction cups. Falls off easy.

Baby On Board Sign - Essential for Cars

The bright yellow color ensures that other motorists notice the sign immediately. It's impossible to miss!When reversing, the sign becomes transparent, allowing us to maintain clear visibility through the rear window. No more obstructed views!The sign promotes awareness and safety, aligning with the US Department of Transportation guidelines for warning signs. It alerts fellow motorists that there's an infant on board.The signs are well-made, and the suction cups holds up even in extreme weather conditions.

Just as advertised

The Baby On Board Sign With Suction Cups has been a lifesaver during our family road trips. As a new parent, safety is always my top priority, and these signs offer a simple yet effective way to alert other drivers to the presence of my precious cargo. The bright yellow color stands out on the window, ensuring visibility even from a distance. What I love most about these signs is the strong suction cups that keep them securely in place, even on bumpy roads. Now, I can drive with peace of mind, knowing that other drivers are aware of the little one onboard.

Customer B
Basic Baby on Board sign

This sign is exactly as advertised. The suction cups seem to be have a pretty good suction power and have stayed for over a week so far. I like that I don't have to put a sticker on my car or a decal. I would recommend these.

Dana dF
Exactly what it shows!

Baby on board signs are great and big and easy enough to be recognized and seen. The suction cups allow for easy removal and as well as applying, which is good if you share a vehicle or switch often. No sticky residues or glues, just apply and stick.Comes exactly as shown and described. No surprises!