Student Driver Car Magnet Sticker Signs

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  • 🚗 IDEAL SIGNAGE FOR: All kinds of vehicles which will be used by beginner drivers. The student driver magnet promotes AWARENESS and car SAFETY which is in line with the US Department of Transportation guidelines for warning signs to best alert motorists around you that you are a 1st time rookie driver, to drive with caution and to please be patient.
  • 🚗 HIGHLY REFLECTIVE & VISIBLE: As Always, SAFETY FIRST! Our large student driver signs are bright yellow making them highly visible but, better yet they are also REFLECTIVE making them luminous at night when in the line of nearby headlights.
  • 🚗 GUARANTEED TO STAY ON: The removable sign is both durable and robust ensuring it can withstand the test of time and all weather conditions. The strong MAGNETIC backing on the bumper sticker also ensures the sign will not peel or slip off your car whilst driving or in the cold weather. Please note magnetic signs only stick to metallic surfaces only. They do not stick to fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber or windows.
  • 🚗 EASE OF USE AND LOW MAINTENANCE: Firstly, clean down the area where the learner driver sign will be applied ensuring it is free from dust and dirt. Apply the magnet firmly and evenly ensuring there is no air pockets between it and the car surface. For maximum visibility apply one sign to the back exterior of the automotive and one to a door on either side of the car.
  • 🚗 LIFETIME WARRANTY: TEST THEM AND YOU WILL LOVE THEM. If for any reason you don’t we offer a replacement for free at any time, no questions asked + 30 day money back guarantee. Lastly, enjoy the Student Driver, Thanks For Your Patience Magnets, safe driving and thank you for choosing Assured Signs.

1. Clean

Firstly, clean the metallic surface where the magnet will be applied to.

2. Wipe

Wipe the surface with a soft cloth and allow it to dry before placing the magnet directly onto the surface.

3. Flat on the Surface

Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface with no air pockets.

4. Important Notice 

Magnets will not stick to some vehicle surfaces such as aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. 

5. Temperature 

For maximum stick ensure the magnet is at room temperature when applying it and not in overly cold conditions.

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Watch: Our Student Driver Car Magnet Sign Yellow 3-Pack
Drive Safely with Reflective Student Driver Car Magnets!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Noura Alwani
Doesn't stick on car

It needs metal to stick on cause it's simply magnate.

A.H. Bloom
Looks great. Weak magnet. Don't like veh angles. Must be kept flat.

I purchased these as additional alert notices for my drivers education car. I did notice a couple of people at my church also have them for their teen drivers.The color and print stand out very nicely, especially if placed against a high profile contrasting color.The magnet is not as strong as I would like.. I have to apply and remove the stickers signs dependent upon which Fleet car I'm assigned. as long as I am finding a large enough flat surface they stick and hold well. If I'm trying to put them on a surface that has any bend or angle, They tend not to do as well. This is usually not much of a problem, unless you're in an aggressive environment, such as a car wash.If you place them “permanently“ they will do fine in terms of staying put. However, because I have to apply and remove them and store them in between my lessons, if I don't keep them perfectly flat, they will tend not to want to adhere well… Even on a flat surface.

Alexander P. Morales
Student Driver

I like it, bright reflections stands out

Weak magnet

They're ok. The magnet is weak. We removed after each drive, but a few times the edges were all up and probably would have fallen off if we left it on.

Jessica B.
Doesn't stick well

It falls off when it's cold outside.