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5 Types of Signages Every Retail Store Should Have for Better Customer Experience

For the longest time, people have turned to using signages to help attract customers, give directions, and label things. Usually defined by its bold typeface and bright color, signs are designed to be visible from all areas of the store, office, or even on the road. It is meant to grab anybody’s attention and in a way that businesses benefit from—improve customer experience.

Signs are also the oldest advertising strategy for business owners who wants to drive foot traffic to their store. It’s the most direct way to relay important information to customers without the need to ring the phone or ask the staff.

Business Hours Signage Assured Signs

At Assured Signs, our most popular signage for businesses is the Business Hours Open and Close Sign Kit. This kit contains a customizable sticker set and 4 ultra-strong double-sided adhesives for the business hours sign. It is a must especially for retailers to help guide customers on their hours of operation and holiday schedule right at their front door! 

On the other hand, if not used correctly, signs can also cause confusion. Signs that are poorly designed, hard to read, misplaced, or outdated can give off a bad impression. You want signs that are high quality and designed to meet your customers’ needs and your brand’s standards. Signs that are of poor quality not only costs you more as you need to update them frequently but it also leaves a negative impression about your business.

Types of Signages for Retail Stores

Retail businesses should invest in quality signs more than ever for an obvious reason—you have a physical store that people visit. You want to provide your customers with the best experience at your store. 

With that said, here are the 5 types of signs that retailers can’t afford to ignore and should have in their stores.  

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are the signages that you install outside of your store — your door or windows. Common signages for outdoor use are open/close signs, hours of operations, and directives like push/pull door signs.

It’s a must have for retailers since these are the signs that people usually see on your storefront—literally. If you want to make the right impression, you must have a good quality outdoor sign to assist customers with their needs even if it’s as simple as how to open your door.

Informational Signs

An informative sign is a very legibly printed and attention grabbing signage designed to provide information about an object’s purpose or gives instruction on how to use something.

Generally for all businesses, fire extinguisher signs and fire exit signs are a must to influence people in taking action when there is a breakout or find the right door to run to.

In retail, informative signs are used to announce discounts, special sales, and membership perks. These are hung on store walls, placed by the cashier, or even tagged on the products itself.

Persuasive Signs

This type of signage advertise a certain product or an ongoing promo. For retailers, persuasive signs help influence consumer behavior through convincing language or attractive picture. It also helps improve interaction with not-so-popular products and increase sale for those items.

Examples of persuasive retail signages are “Items on sale”, “New or seasonal items", and “Promo".

Signs for Disabled Persons

Making customers feel welcome is the overall goal of all businesses. And when we say customers, it means all customers from all race and capabilities.

By Americans with Disabilities Act, persons with disabilities also deserve the general ease when visiting offices or stores. ADA compliant signages often include Braille and tactile characters in legible fonts and contrasting colors, and must be mounted at specific heights (typically 40 to 60 inches from the ground) for consistency and access.


Mats are not just used for cleaning purposes. It can also be used for promotional and informational purposes. And actually, it’s the most versatile signage of all. It can be placed right at your main doorstep or every place where there is a door, and as a front desk carpet.

Mats are great for branding as well as help people remember your logo as they leave the premises. It can also be used for directional wayfinding in the store in areas where hanging signage is not possible.


These are some of the signages that retailers should invest in to upscale their customers’ experience while shopping at their store. By investing in high quality signs, not only does it help business owners save money but also you can rely on these signages to last as long as you do.

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