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Are you looking for a sign? Here it is! Assured Signs is your go-to for high quality business signs, car signs, and safety signs. Our durable signages and labels are great for offices, cars, boutiques and stores, beauty spas, restaurants and food facilities, and so much more.


Business Signs

Ideal for all kinds of commercial businesses and retail offices looking to advertise their hours of operation to customers. Great for restaurants, fast food facilities, beauty salons, barbershops, spas, pharmacies, bakeries, boutiques, tattoo or pizza parlors, and so on.

Our sign kits contain a series of quality vinyl with double-sided adhesive pads that’s quick to assemble and long lasting. Stick it to your window, wall, or doors with ease. Our products include open closed signs, 3 compartment sink labels, and fire extinguisher signs.

Safety Signs

When it comes to businesses, safety should always come first. Our fire extinguisher sign kits contain sleek, long decals that can be used with all classes of ABC extinguishers from water mist, water spray and foam to dry powder, CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas, and wet chemicals.

Sticks to all surfaces including glass windows, painted walls, wooden doors and metal surfaces. Fit for outdoor and indoor use.

Car Decals

Ride safe with your family without causing trouble with other drivers. Our baby on board car decals are bright yellow, easy to spot on any vehicle, and sticks effortlessly on your car window. They are also SEE-THROUGH from the inside of the car making reversing and looking in your rear view mirror safe and easy, without obscuring your view. 


Assured Signs is your one-stop-shop to all your business, home, and safety sign needs. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best signage products possible! And we will keep striving to make Assured Signs your first choice while offering first class customer service.


“Sign arrived fast and neat, very easy to assemble. Lots of numbers, and they're stickers, not the reusable type like some have. I've had to change the hours a couple of times so far and it's very easy to swap the numbers, and the adhesive pads still stick like new. This sign does it's job very well, plus you can't beat the price. If only my employees would do their job as good as this sign does.” ~ Amazon Customer

“I run a small boutique gym and, due to client demands, my hours change depending on what people need. I decided not to get a more "permanent" hours sticker for the door in case I need to change them and this sign does the trick. It sticks well to my door--it comes with 4 clear sticky pads that I just stuck to the top corners of the sign for the inside of my door but you can buy a different holder if it works better for you. For me, I had all the "closed" and number stickers that I needed for my business. Good adhesion for the stickers, great value for money and all around effective and easy to use!” ~ RockIt Fitness, Amazon Customer

“I mean, really, how can you go wrong with a hours sign? very nice quality and bright lettering. would have liked the stick on numbers to been vinyl stickers, but these ones work fine. saved me a trip to the office supply store.” BobDesigns, Amazon Customer

“The Open Signs, Business Hours Sign Kit - Bright Red and White Colors - Includes 4 Free Double Sided Adhesive Pads and a Black Vinyl Number Sticker Set - Ideal Signage for any Business, Shop, Store or Office - Display Your Personalized Hours of Operation on Your Front Window comes with enough numbers to allow for changes in store hours. The numbers are pre-arranged for space so they look nice. Gives a custom look on a budget.” ~ Dr. Leigh Stepanek, Amazon Customer