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Premium Quality Signage for the Home, Business and Safety

Assured Signs provides high quality business and safety signs as well as signs for around the home. Our durable signage and labels are great for offices, stores, restaurants and so much more.

Speedy Delivery

We store our products in warehouses all over the USA, which means we can reach you faster!

High Quality

Our products are made with high quality materials. That means that they last longer.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our products giving you peace of mind.

About Us

Assured Signs was born out of a desire to create something special for both us and for our customers to be. We had felt there was an opportunity to improve the quality of signage being displayed and provided to the e-commerce market and an opportunity to enable customers to make...

What Our Customers Are Saying

Amanda Dunlap

Amazon Customer
“You can't go wrong with these baby on board stickers. The adhesive is super strong and they don't obscure my driving while I am reversing the car. Very nice quality and bright lettering. I am sure they will stand the test of time and alert other drivers keep a safe distance."

Robert Cutler

Shopify Customer
“The business hours sign arrived fast, very easy to assemble. Lots of numbers, and they're stickers, the reusable type. I've had to change the hours a couple of times so far and it's very easy to swap the numbers, and the adhesive pads still stick like new."

RockIt Fitness

Amazon Customer
“I run a small gym and purchased these vinyl fire extinguisher signs to alert clients of where all the fire extinguisher points are positioned on the premises. They definitely raise awareness and can be seen from far away in case of a fire emergency."

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About Our Brand

Assured Signs is dedicated to designing the best signage products and provide first class service to our customers.

Business Signs

Ideal for all kinds of commercial businesses and retail offices looking to advertise their hours of operation to customers. Great for restaurants, fast food facilities, beauty salons, barbershops, spas, pharmacies, bakeries, boutiques, tattoo or pizza parlours, and so on. Our sign kits contain a series of quality vinyl with double-sided adhesive pads that’s quick to assemble and long lasting.

Safety Signs

When it comes to businesses, safety should always come first. Our fire extinguisher sign kits contain sleek, long decals that can be used with all classes of ABC extinguishers from water mist, water spray and foam to dry powder, CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas, and wet chemicals. Sticks to all surfaces including glass windows, painted walls, wooden doors and metal surfaces.

Car Decals

Ride safe with your family without causing trouble with other drivers. Our baby on board car decals are bright yellow, easy to spot on any vehicle, and sticks effortlessly on your car window. They are also SEE-THROUGH from the inside of the car making reversing and looking in your rear view mirror safe and easy, without obscuring your view.


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