Building Awareness through Business Hours Signs

Building Awareness through Business Hours Signs

Building awareness is essential, especially for brick-and-mortar businessesYou want to capture attention as people pass by your store. The best way to do that is to invest in high quality business hours signs.   

A business hours sign is simply any type of sign, decal, or sticker used to display the hours of operation for any business. These signs are commonly installed in the storefront window or glass door of the commercial establishment. Since these signs are usually brightly colored and use a bold typeface, it’s quick to notice by anybody even at a distance. 

As simple as it sounds, business hours signs are one of the most powerful advertising tools you can use to drive traffic to your store. It also helps improve your customers’ experience. Having visible signages in your shop that helps customers quickly get essential business information can leave a lasting positive impression. 

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At Assured Signs, our business store hours sign is the ideal signage for any commercial business looking to draw customers' attention and make the customers aware when they are open or closed. These signages can be used in businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, spas, pharmacies, coffee shops, bakeries, boutiques, grocery storestattoo and pizza parlorsetc. 

Our kit comes with customizable numbers and letter stickers that are easy to customize. It only takes 15 minutes to assemble. Just carefully peel off the stickers and fill in the hours with the right information. Each kit also comes with a double-sided adhesive pad that easily clings to any window. 

Where to Place Signage within a Business 

Signs are meant to advertise your business. This makes outdoor and indoor sign placement crucial. Knowing where you should put your business signs is key to a solid signage strategy. 

Where to place indoor signs 

  • Walls – Aside from business hours signs, promotional signages is also essential, especially if you’re running a retail store. If you want to alert customers about deals you are currently offering, installing signs on the walls can inspire people to purchase. Wall signs can also assist in craft an ambiance for your store and making it feel unique. 
  • Reception desk - If your business has a reception desk or lobby area, use a sign to greet customers and set the mood. 
  • Storefront windows - If people regularly walk by your store, use a window display that faces outwards like an open hours signsWindow signages can help inform your yet-to-be customers of what they can expect upon entering your store. 

Where to place outdoor signs 

  • Along the highway - These signages are designed to catch the attention of drivers. It has been consistently used by companies to draw customers to their businesses. 
  • Storefront - These signages are designed to attract attention to the store’s entrance 
  • Parking area or top of the store- This signage draws attention to the store itself. Much like those signs you see in grocery stores, these signages help customers immediately recognize where your business is located, making it easier to find. 

Other Ways Small Businesses Can Build Awareness 

Getting your name out there and creating excellent customer experience through brand evangelists are the best ways to gain momentum as a small business.  

Here are the other ways a small business can build awareness: 

  1. Get social 

Being on social media and engaging with customers are great ways to build awareness. Creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account won’t cut itCreate content that will make people want to interact with you. And when they do interact with you, make sure you attend to their comments, reviews, and messages. This adds up to your customer service. 

  • Ask for reviews 
Reviews are an integral part of the online buying process. Over 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Also, 7 out of 10 customers are likely to leave a review if they are asked.  
  • Create Content 

Creating content for your website or social media pages can educate people about your brand. Create content that your followers can relate to. This would entice them to share your content and expand your reach. 

  • Local Participation 

Partner up with communities and organizations hosting local events or charities to expand your reach on a local scaleThis would also help associate your brand name with goodwill. 

  • Giveaway 

Invest in pens with your brand name or sticker on it and hand them over as freebies in events or festivals. This is a great way to increase your reach and presence within the community. 

  • Provide outstanding customer service 

All your efforts will be in vain if you do not provide outstanding customer service. Always treat your customers better than how they expected to be treated. If a customer has an issue with your product or service, addressing them quickly and with respect can have a ripple effectThis positive experience would then turn to referrals, which is the best form of marketing for any business. 

These are some ways that your small business can build awareness. The goal is to always service your customers with the best experience whenever they interact with your business. 

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