Safety and Sanitation Guidelines for a Successful Restaurant Reopening

Safety and Sanitation Guidelines for a Successful Restaurant Reopening

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all aware of how virus can easily be transmitted in our surroundings. Everyone has become more cautious and concerned about cleanliness, especially in shared spaces

Public gatherings have been limited and everyone is encouraged to stay home leaving businesses, especially the food industry, find other means to reach their clientele. Thanks to delivery and services like Uber Eatsfood businesses were able to survive and adapt to the new normal 

But now as the restrictions are carefully being lifted, and we are gaining more information on how COVID-19 actually spreads, businesses are starting to resume operations. Restaurants, in particular, must step up in their sanitation and safety policies and be able to create safe, comfortable, and clean dine-in experience for their customers and their employees. 

Restaurant Guidelines for Customer Safety 

As of May 2020, restaurants have started accepting dine-in customers with limited seating capacities, outdoor-only seating, and other social distance practices. These are in line with the National Restaurant Association’s guidelines for reopening to ensure food safety, effective employee health monitoring and personal hygiene, and practice social distancing. 

This is also preferred by dine-in customers. Technomic reports that 50% of customers are more comfortable dining in restaurants with tables situated six feet apart. Some 27% of customers also call for a nine feet distance between tables or longer.  

Customers have also been weary of the establishment’s sanitation efforts as well. To ensure this, restaurants should look into regularly sanitizing touch points such as door knobs and laminated menus.  

Provide hand sanitizers and/or alcohol for use. Hand washing stations should be accessible and signages should be installed to easily guide customers to their whereabouts. Make sure the staff wears proper protective equipment when serving customers such as masks and gloves. 

With these new normal demands, these will also affect how restaurants market their businesses. Communicating that dining in your establishment will be clean, safe, and great experience should now be a part of your marketing strategy 

Investing in signages can play a role in this. Use signs to notify customers of your safety and sanitary procedures to follow upon entering the restaurant. 

Restaurant Guidelines for Employee Safety 

Your employees’ health is important as your customers’. Your employees are a big part of your business operation. Keeping them happy and safe would help them feel more confident and cooperative in maintaining your business operations. 

Make sure you follow CDC guidelines for safety and sanitation. Proper protective equipment is recommended for front office staff as well as your kitchen staff. Temperature checks and health declarations amongst employees are recommended as well.  

Equip your restaurant kitchen with smart technology. Not only does this help save time and resources, it can also help keep your employees safe.  

Encourage your employees to follow strong sanitation protocols. Wash Rinse Sanitize Sink Labels, for example, would help in introducing better washing practices for utensils and food equipment. 

These are just some of the guidelines food business owners should follow to ensure safety in their facility. Follow these tips to help your customers feel more confident dining in your restaurant. 

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