Please Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Sign / Welcome Please Knock - 2 Pack

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  • 🚫 IDEAL SIGNAGE FOR: All people who are looking to reduce disturbances. The sign can be used to prevent interruptions while you are in a meeting, conference call, class, zoom session, studying, working, praying, gaming, studio recording, napping after night shift, simply while the baby is sleeping, you just want people to leave you alone or to keep the kids out while mommy and daddy have some quiet time together!
  • 🚫 DOUBLE-SIDED: Our reversible DND hanger sign has Please Do Not Disturb on the front side to ensure your peace and quiet and Welcome, Please Knock on the back side. Simply flip the sign around depending on your need at that time to stop people from entering the room or to proceed by knocking first.
  • 🚫 UNIVERSAL FIT: The product has a circular opening and a narrow slit on the side so no matter what type of door handle or knob you have on your door our sign will hang on and stay on! Plus, at 9 inches by 3.5 inch, it's the perfect size to be seen by everyone informing them if your are busy or don't come in without knocking.
  • 🚫 DURABLE & BUILT TO LAST: The sign is 1mm thick and made of strong plastic, scratch-resistant ensuring it is built to last over time providing you long-term use and value.
  • 🚫 LIFETIME WARRANTY: TEST THEM AND YOU WILL LOVE THEM. If for any reason you don’t we offer a replacement for free at any time, no questions asked + 30-day money-back guarantee. Lastly, enjoy the sign, and thank you for choosing Assured Signs. :)

Simply flip the sign around depending on your need at that time to stop people from entering the room or to proceed by knocking first.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel M.
Simple and effective

For as simple as it is, it gets the job done in plain language and is aesthetically pleasing


Very good product that is very helpful for home office environments

Philippe Gauthier Graveson

Good product, fast shipping.

Amazon Elite Reviewers

If this item suites your needs then by all means it’s for you. They are built good and have good quality to them as well. If you need them, give them a go!

Murat Harman

The reversable feature is great and looks to be made of quality materials.