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Wash Rinse Sanitize Sink Labels

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  • Ideal for a three-compartment industrial sink or triple bowl.
  • Sequenced color-coding - Red for wash, blue for rinse, and green for sanitize.
  • Features both English and Spanish.
  • High-quality build & stong adhesive.
  • Water-resistant.
  • 9 inches long by 2.75 inches high.


1. Wipe

Wipe down the surface area that the product will be applied to until it's free of dust or residue.

2. Dry

Thoroughly dry the surface area with a cloth.

3. Peel

Carefully peel the adhesive backing off the sticker.

4. Press

Firmly press down on the whole surface area of the sticker including the four corners.

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Watch: Wash Rinse Sanitize Sink Labels
Ideal Signage For Any Three Compartment Sink

More About Our 3 Compartment Sink Labels


Our Wash Rinse Sanitize stickers are ideal for any three-compartment industrial sink or triple bowl used for washing utensils and food equipment. The strong adhesive is suitable to use on a backsplash wall or on stainless steel in wet and steamy conditions

The signs used sequenced color coding, red for wash, blue for rinse, and green for sanitize. Each sticker is color-coded to aid you in creating a structured system within the kitchen and maintain the highest hygiene standards. 

The labels also contain both English and Spanish to effectively communicate each compartment's purpose to all staff and employees. 

The adhesives are quick to assemble. Once removed from the packet peel off the stickers one at a time and carefully apply the appropriate label to each sink compartment.

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